Now your clients can directly distribute the album

We have expanded the possibility to add clients to the album. In this new feature, clients can also add additional members if they have the appropriate permissions set. Whether this will be the case or not, you yourself (the photographer) now decide.

This feature will continue to help you handle orders from mass events such as corporate events or classroom photography. All you need to do is get in touch with one or a few client group representatives that you add to the album and set the required permissions. They will then ensure the distribution to other friends, colleagues, or family members for you, eliminating the need to find out the email addresses of all potential group members and then adding them to the album.

You can have more clients with permission to add other people in the same album. They will then see each other’s selections of those they invited to the album but the added members can only be deleted or edited by the client that added them in the first place. Now you (the photographer) are in full control of the album. People added by your clients can only select photos and will not have the ability to add members to the album.