More clients in one album

We have simplified and clarified the selection of photos from mass events such as weddings, corporate events, proms or class photos. With this latest major SelectPhoto update, you now have the option to add multiple clients to a single album giving each client a choice of their own photo selection.

Now you do not need to add clients in the first step of creating an album but only after uploading the photos. You can add people either one at a time with an optional name and phone number for better visibility or in bulk, saving you time when you add more clients. In addition, you can simply copy the client list from an email or text file into the bulk entry field. It is enough if each address is on a new line or is separated by a space, comma or semicolon.

You can assign different permissions to clients. Those marked with a crown have the option to add other clients, comment on photos, make photo selections and add, change, or delete folders in the album. Clients with the permission marked with a mouse pointer can also select and add tags to the photos but without the ability to edit folders and add more people to the album.

After adding clients, you can send the album. The email pop-up has also received significant changes in the ability to send an album to all added clients at once. However, if for some reason you only want to send the album to someone separately, you can simply select specific clients by checking the boxes.

After sending the album to clients, everything works the same way as before. The album status changes to "Sent" and clients receive an email with their unique link that guides them to the album. When all the added clients in the album submit their selections, you will receive an email notification and the album status will also change to "For Processing". At this point, you can access the scorecard to see client’s selections. By default, individual photos show the total of selections from all clients but you can also use the simple drop-down menu to see a selection of a particular client.

We have also added a new auto-closure feature to the album for smooth multi-client order processing. To set this option, select the date in the "Close album selection" field in the first step when creating an album. After the selected day has passed, the album will automatically switch to the "For processing" status which will close the clients selections and you will receive a notification e-mail. If you wish to extend the deadline for clients who happen to be late, simply change the album status to "Sent" and change the closing date of the album.

We hope you will be pleased with these new features and they will make it easier for you and your clients to use and select the photos in SelectPhoto.